Leadership Team

With experience in multiple industries and with varying project types, we are professional technology experts that have the skills and team to make your business smarter.

  • Kelly Brooks

    Kelly Brooks

    Kelly Brooks

    President and Founder

    “The only way to successfully navigate change driven by technology, is to work with a team that is passionate about building innovative technology. For over 6 years, our company has helped many businesses change for the better with the technical solutions that we develop."

    Since 2000, Kelly has led hundreds of online projects and products. In 2008, after picking up an iPhone, she understood that mobile would change everything forever. She started SpeakFeel Corporation, to service and innovate within the mobile space. Since 2009, SpeakFeel has developed many products and applications for several industries and verticals – consumer side and B2B. In the next year, SpeakFeel will be deploying a new platform that empowers SME through data and mobile. “Our strength is our team. The people that lead and drive SpeakFeel are professional, formally educated and proven visionaries and strategists.We take our roles seriously and thrive to pass our knowledge onto others.” In 2013 and 2014, Kelly was nominated for the Woman of Distinction award in the Technology category. An avid equestrian, she rides and shows her horse year round. Her son and husband also fill her schedule with hockey and soccer throughout the week.

  • Jeffrey Sambells

    Jeffrey Sambells

    Jeffrey Sambells

    Director of Technical Projects

    “I have an obsession with learning new things and helping others do the same. The part of ‘work’ I enjoy the most is leading a great team of people who are creating something really cool to change the world.”

    Jeffrey has led the development team at SpeakFeel since 2011. His strength is in problem-solving with technology. He has a thorough understanding of Android and iOS platforms, along with how they interact with data and web systems. Jeffrey has continually contributed to the knowledge culture at SpeakFeel.

    Jeffrey is an author and has written various books about coding. He is our token Apple enthusiast and has fueled many of our client solutions with his knowledge about iOS, geolocation, interface design and process development. He always looks to improve solutions by simplifying user interaction. The easier the software is to use, the more successful the application.

    Jeffrey is a family man, often enjoying time camping with his wife and daughters while embracing the role as Mr. Build-it and Fix-it at home. His calm demeanor and helpful nature are always appreciated.

  • Daniel Carmo

    Daniel Carmo

    Dan Carmo

    Senior Developer & Team Lead

    “My favorite part of the job is taking a project through all stages of development. (Planning, Alpha, Beta, Release).”

    Daniel has been a part of the SpeakFeel team for over 5 years. He came to us as a co-op student from the University of Guelph and has grown with us as a mobile developer. He is platform-agnostic (like the rest of our developers) and understands the connection between cloud, data and device. Daniel likes to build on existing code. He has developed some proprietary pieces for SpeakFeel and is always keen to learn. While he is a developer by nature, he is also excellent at communicating with our clients and explaining how things work.

    Daniel graduated with Honors from University of Guelph in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Technology – Physics and Technology. He enjoys riding his motorbike and hanging out with his dogs and family at his new home in Guelph.

  • Danijela Covic

    Danijela Covic

    Danijela Covic

    Manager, Projects and Accounts

    “Working with a team full of passion and great ideas, always delivers the best results.”

    Danijela comes from an extensive team, customer and sales management background. She graduated with Honours in her Business Sales and Marketing program. She has spent 6 years in the finance industry, where she managed a large block of clientele. After 6 successful years, Danijela transitioned into a team and project management role with a cutting edge IT marketing and business development firm. During her tenure she managed various projects for product launches and business development for some of North America’s leading software and hardware companies. A focus to ensure motivation and project completion with continued growth has always been her success.

    Danijela enjoys spending time with her family, watching and playing sports and travelling when she can.

  • Keith Wallace

    Keith Wallace

    Keith Wallace

    Quality Assurance Analyst

    "Working in a team of this size is a first for me - it's also the most fun. Our team meshes so well together that sometimes it doesn’t feel like 'work'."

    As a self described technology nut, Keith’s obsession with new phones, tablets and computers, suits quite aptly with his role of Quality Assurance and primary project Testing Analyst for SpeakFeel. As Keith’s puts it: “ I get to work with all our projects with the goal of trying to break them!” Keith strives to make sure that the projects that are released to our clients are of the highest quality.

    Before arriving at SpeakFeel in January 2017, Keith spent the better part of 10 years in mining and exploration travelling around most of Canada after graduating with Honours in Geology in 2005.

    He spends his free time playing sports, gaming, and is an avid movie buff with his wife.