Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Development Specialists

Mobile applications are the foundation of a powerful mobile experience. They allow users to securely access information anywhere and anytime. Even when a device does not have access to the internet, in-app data and features can be available for use and reference. This makes mobile applications extremely useful for business processes that involve a team or customer-base that is remote.

Mobile applications are quickly evolving from consumer side widgets to highly impactful business tools. Our enterprise solutions can address the sale, installation, support and maintenance of an organization’s complex and technical products and services. These critical points have long been neglected, resulting in a gap between user feedback and the company providing the product or service.

Teams and customers that are satisfied by your improved business processes result in repeat purchases and tighter operations. Native mobile applications provide the conduit. We provide the expertise to make it happen.

Cloud-based Web and Mobile Solutions

Web + Mobile + Cloud = Powerful

When a website is driven by a powerful cloud-based backend and then added to the mobile application equation, your company will drastically improve the way you interact with your teams and customers. SpeakFeel specializes in extending mobile beyond the “app” and in creating full scale business solutions leveraging mobile apps, websites and best practice Cloud-based architecture.

With extensive experience in building content, our cloud data systems provide you with a web-based front end to the business solution developed.  We can work with your business to create new cloud and data-enabled web or mobile apps, or migrate your current solution to a more robust platform.

SpeakFeel can work within your secured infrastructure, or deploy a data-driven solution on our own servers. We use Amazon EC2 as our scalable hosting solution, and can work with your team to set up the best environment for your mobile and cloud initiative.

Analytics and Reporting

The Valuable Information That Can Transform Your Business

What is the most valuable information you could receive about your customers, products or services?  With an integrated web and mobile solution, this data is available and extremely valuable.

The world of mobile applications opens the door to a new level of analytics.  By creating a software solution that is part of your business process, we are able to gather and report on data points that were never available before.

We use our reporting and analysis tools to generate results that will improve your business processes, your products, your service and overall customer satisfaction.

Tell us what you want to know, and we will design a system that serves the end user while delivering the information that will allow you to improve your business.

Training Your Development Teams

Supporting Your Team’s Learning

Extensive experience with web and mobile solutions has provided our team with valuable knowledge about technology planning, design and deployment. If you already have an internal development team that would like to gain more knowledge about mobile application development, we can support through training and consulting.

The SpeakFeel development team can support your own dev team through code reviews, training, documentation and user experience design for the major application platforms. We can also coach on distribution through the application stores or via enterprise methods.

SpeakFeel also offers an environment where your developers can join us onsite for a few days a week to learn about
mobile technology and other progressive tech. Whether it is peer to peer code review or participating in daily scrums, we can make room for your team so that they can learn from our experience.

“SpeakFeel came to us with a value proposition that they listen to customer needs and that their products are easy and friendly to use. They promised a high value experience for users of their product. SpeakFeel has delivered that and more, they are customer centric, flexible, innovative and produced a First class app for our company that is now not only widely used, but is now a fundamental sales tool. I have the highest regard for SpeakFeel and the results they produce.”


Garth deBruyn
Managing Director, Prominent Fluid Controls Ltd.

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