ProductByCloud is designed to make your Sales Reps the go-to experts in your industry.

This easy to use platform connects the entire sales side of the business in real time. It gives reps access to the most important information on your solutions and how to sell them, anywhere on any device (mobile, desktop, laptop). This improves sales performance by heightening expertise and connecting team members – even the most remote ones. With ProductByCloud, the knowledge that makes the difference with clients is shared instantly across the entire team.

Experts are in Short Supply.

While clients have done their research and planning, what they still require is an expert partner to challenge their assumptions, provide real insight and guide them to a good decision. The role of the Sales Rep hasn’t evaporated…it has just evolved to keep up with the environment in which we work. An expert on industry issues, solution details, the competitive landscape and how to best structure a solution is what it takes to hold influence and excel in sales.

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Please download our ProductByCloud brochure. It outlines all of the features and benefits of the system.

Some of the Key Features of the System:

Marketing Documents

The system provides a cloud based repository for all of your marketing documents. Sales Reps can access the latest Product Sheets, White Papers, Case Studies etc., from their mobile device and email to clients in seconds.

Social Feed

The social feed connects the entire sales side of the business using common social networking elements. Users can share posts with the team, all posts stay securely stored within the system and are archived to build knowledge over time.

Connecting Teams

The system is designed to connect the subject matter experts in your company (Product Management, Service Delivery, Marketing) to the entire Sales Team. Knowledge sharing across these teams provides a complete view of how your solution fits in the market and how to sell it effectively.

Simple to Use

Usability is the key to success of any new system. ProductByCloud was built by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals. We designed and built the tool that we would want to use. The tool that would help us sell more and stand out as a true industry expert. The ProductByCloud system is extremely simple and intuitive to use with a design that is equally friendly on a desktop or smartphone.

Curated Posts

When a user posts information on the system they tag the post to the particular Solution as well as to the category of information (Product Update, Customer Feedback, Competitor Info, Industry News, Selling Notes). As posts accumulate in the system a deep knowledge base is formed for each product which is easily filterable by these key categories.

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