SpeakFeel hires another great mobile developer

Andrew Simpson, a bright new talent, joins our team as a mobile developer.

SpeakFeel is happy to announce that we have added a new member to the mobile development team. Andrew comes to us from a Toronto-based company where he was working as a Technology Specialist. Kelly Brooks, President of SpeakFeel explains, “We selected Andrew for our team because he demonstrated a passion and curiosity for mobile. These are key elements we look for when hiring for our start-up. We need enthusiasm, energy and skill. Andrew brings all of these to the team.”

Andrew has been programming for personal interest for years; educating himself on everything from writing apps on his phone, to writing highly parallel-oriented code on his own high-end video card, there is no denying his love for technology and development. Noel Webb, Vice President, adds, “Andrew possesses a keen desire to learn and grow and it is evident that he shares our passion not only for mobile technology, but disruptive technologies in general.”

When asked why he has chosen to join the mobile development team at SpeakFeel, Andrew replied, “SpeakFeel has established a great group of people who truly understands what the future holds in store, a team of people who have what it takes to bring mobile development into a new age. The demand for the work SpeakFeel does is only going to grow and I want to be a part of the solution.”

Harry Scanlan, Lead Mobile Dev at SpeakFeel, helped in the selection process, “In order to stay on the leading edge of mobile, developers need to step outside of working with current technologies. Andrew’s ability to work with multiple platforms and environments will be a key part of his success at SpeakFeel as our new Junior Mobile Developer.”

Andrew’s problem solving ability has been honed to a keen edge from his work as a Technology Specialist. He loves a good philosophical argument too, maybe a bit too much. His true love is programming though and both his problem solving and analytical thinking help greatly in this task.

Andrew holds a Honours Bachelor of Computing Degree with an Area of Application in Philosophy from the University of Guelph.

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