Mobile App Development for Smart Businesses

SpeakFeel develops powerful mobile applications and websites that change business processes for the better.

“With mobile technology changing at such a rapid pace, we value SpeakFeel’s expertise in the field and are pleased with the partnership that we have built with them to take our mobile offering to the next level of excellence.”


Heather Melnychuk, Director of Product Development, GoldCare

Mobile applications are not going away. SpeakFeel develops mobile apps that improve your business. Whether it is a sales tool, a consumer initiative or internal process improvements, our experience and promise to deliver high quality mobile applications and web solutions will make your clients happier, your teams smarter and your products better.

Our custom mobile solutions enable real engagement with teams, prospects and customers to ensure that they have access to the information they need to purchase, install, use and maintain your organization’s services and products. Whether it is for a smartwatch or smartphone, we build the best mobile apps!

We develop standalone web applications OR full scale business solutions that leverage mobile and web. Our experience with databases, APIs and cloud-based programming is second-to-none. Our focus is on ease-of-use and quality code.

The world of mobile applications opens the door to a whole new type of analytics. By creating a software solution that is part of your business process, we are able to gather and report on data points that were never available before.

We can train your internal development team on mobile application development. If you are developing your own apps but need help perfecting the final product, let us help. We can do onsite visits or your developer can join us here.

Mobile Application Development and Design
Mobile Training for Your Development Team
Mobile Application Strategy and Planning
Website Design & Development
Analytics and Reporting for Mobile and Web Solutions
User Experience and Graphic Design for Mobile and Web
API Documentation
Database Design and Implementation
Analytics Design and Implementation
Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

We are professional technology experts that help build better businesses.